Friday, July 31, 2015

Stubbed Cassnadra 0.9.1: 2.2 support, query variables and verifification of batches and PS preparations

Version 0.9.1 has a few nice features and has reduced a lot of technical debt. The first features aren't that noticeable from a users point of view:

Java 1.6 support! This was contributed by Andrew Tolbert as he wanted to test against the 1.* branch of the C* Java driver which still supports Java 1.6. I hadn't intentionally dropped 1.6 support but I had brought in a jar that was compiled against 1.7 and thus wouldn't run in a 1.6 JVM. The offending jar was an internal C* jar that could help with serialisation so it was quite a lot of work to replace the use of this jar with custom serialisation code.

Another non-feature feature: Moving to Gradle and having a single build for the Server, Java client and Integration tests against all the versions of the C* Java driver. The aim of this was to make it MUCH easier for other people to contribute as before you had to install the server to a maven repo, then build the client and install it, then run the tests. Now you just run: ./gradlew clean check, Simples.

Real features

Verification of batch statements containing queries. Priming and prepared statements in batches will be in the next release.

Support for version 2.2 of the C* driver.

Verification of the prepare of prepared statements. This will allow you to test you only prepare the statements once and at the right time i.e. application start up. 

Queries that contain variables are now captured properly. As of C* 2.0 you can use a prepared statement like syntax for queries and pass in variables. These are now captured as long as you primed the types of the variables (so Stubbed Cassandra knows how to parse them).

A farJar task so you build a standalone executable. Useful if you aren't using Stubbed Cassandra from a build tool like maven.

As always please raise issues or reach out to be on twitter if you have any questions or feedback.


Unknown said...

Hi Chris, nice work!!
I have an application which uses Hector framework to access Cassandra DB.
Currently all our tests need Casandra to be up to run.
I'm researching on how to stub Cassandra and/or mock Hector so we have real unit tests.
I found interesting your SCassandra work however I don't know how to make Hector aware of SCassandra presence.

Have you tried that?

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