Friday, December 5, 2014

Cassandra summit EU - British Gas, i20 water, testing Cassandra and paging!

Yesterday was the EU Cassandra Summit in London, 1000 crazy Cassandra lovers. I've only just recovered from what was a hectic day.

Over the course of the day I got to do chat with two awesome companies, Michael Williams from i20 water and Josep Casals from British Gas Connected Homes. Both of these companies are using Cassandra to store time series data from devices, dare I use the ever popular buzz phrase Internet of Things?

But really they are, i20 water enable water companies to place sensors all around their network and gather the data to detect leaks, saving them 100s of millions of litres of water a day.

British Gas Connected homes are enabling their customers to turn their central heating on and off via their mobile, and are expanding into monitoring boilers and predicting when they'll fail/need a service.

In addition to speaking with Cassandra users I also snuck in a talk and a lightning talk. The talk was on how to test Cassandra applications and the lightning talk on server side paging.

Here are the slides for the talk, the video will no doubt be online soon:


And for the lightning talk:

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