Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting started with Clojure

The LJC book club is moving on to the book Functional Programming for the Object Orientated Programmer.

The easiest way to get going with Clojure on a mac is with home brew:

brew install clojure

This gives you the clj command which launches a REPL where you can do the customary hello world:

Leiningen is a useful tool for creating Clojure projects; it is also available with home brew:

brew install leiningen

Creating a clojure project with leiningen is as easy as:

lein new oobook-lein

There is a clojure plugin and a leiningen plugin for Intellij that'll make your life much easier. Just go to plugins and search Clojure and Leiningen from the Settings -> Plugins -> Brouse Repositories. Once you have done this you can open your leiningen project in Intellij and you get an environment like this:

The integration with IntelliJ is really nice.

To open up a REPL to play with: Tools -> Start Clojure Console
To load the current clojure script into the REPL so you can use anything you've defined: Tools -> Clojure REPL -> Load files to REPL

To test your setup you can use the hello world example:

And then load it into your REPL then execute the following:
And you should get the output like in the IntelliJ screenshot!

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